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ITEM 1023
Full view of photo in the frame

Left side of photo

Right side of photo

Item 1023: A very Rare antique panoramic photograph in it's original frame of the Tacoma Washington Fire Department Number 6, including the fire trucks & fire chief automobile. Five vehicles are in this pano photo, taken circa 1913, and they are posed proudly in front of the firestation at South 9th & A streets. This station was next to the famous Tacoma Hotel, which burned in 1935, and both structures are now gone; replaced by what is today called Fireman's Park. The park is where the World's Tallest Totem Pole is located- a feature of downtown Tacoma since the early 1900's.
The panorama photo is in the original wooden frame, and it measures an impressive 45 1/2" wide by 9 1/2" tall. The black & white photo is in very good condition with some wrinkling that has no folds or chipping, the frame is in very good condition, the glass may or may not be original, and the rear cardboard backing has some damage- extra fasteners have been added to firm it up. Overall, this is a very nice and beautiful original historic Tacoma photo.

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