Tacoma, Washington History
Tacoma, Washington History
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Tacoma, Washington is named the "City of Destiny". It's history is rich in exploration, migration, industry, and development. Many songs have been written about & tales told of this great city, with it's enterprising families who worked hard to transform a once forest laden landscape into the sprawling metropolis which is home to peoples of nations from across the globe.

A little-known fact is shown in this newspaper article stating that the tradition of standing for the National Anthem started in Tacoma.


An 1873 news article described the following: "Tacoma has been chosen over Seattle as the Terminus of the Northern Pacific Railroad". This helped launch Tacoma into the history books as thousands of people headed into the area in search of a new life in the Northwest. By 1910 the city had grown to over 83,000 residents.


The graceful yet bold style of many buildings' and homes' designs were created by famous architects from across the nation. Businesses and people embrace the dignity along with class in their daily lives. Those traditions are still here today, as seen in the pride of residents within this great city of Tacoma. And historic preservation is alive & well as many efforts have been completed or are in the works to renew the older sections to the glory they once had.

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