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Point Defiance is a popular attraction in Tacoma, as it has been for over a century. The top is a post card from the turn of the century showing the Pavilion and the beach being enjoyed by people. Shortly after this time, it was decided that a way to travel between the Pavilion and what is now named Owen's Beach was needed, because at high tides the beach was underwater. A retaining wall & walkway was built, and is still in use today. The above is a tourist's map of Point Defiance Park's features.

Another popular attraction along the waterfront was the Top of The Ocean Restaurant, shown here from an overhead view. Built to look like a ship, it was "The" place to eat at for decades, until it fell victim to an arson fire in 1977. On the left is the Old Town dock, and the Fish Company store. On the right was the Tacoma Athletic Club.

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