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The first settlers in the Northwest region established Fort Nisqually in the 1830's near DuPont, Washington by the Hudson Bay Trading Company. A replica of the Fort was constructed in Point Defiance Park in 1933 as a 100 year anniversary of the original Fort. Two of the original structures were saved and moved to the new location in the park. It is a Historic site and they have a Museum website at The Fort Nisqually Museum.

One of the very first settlers in what would become Tacoma was Job Carr. He built his log cabin in 1865. A replica of that cabin was constructed in Old Town, along North 30th Street; and they have a museum website at The Job Carr Cabin Museum.

The Tacoma Hotel was "the spot" for tourists, and dignitaries. It was an extravagant hotel with sweeping views of Commencement Bay and Mount Rainier that was built in 1884. This is the cover from an advertising brochure. One of the bigger fires that happened in Tacoma took this historic building down to the ground in 1935. Ironically, the brochure states on page 7 that each floor has 3 fire hose reels, fire extinguishers, fire axes, and "all the paraphernalia of a complete fire dept." The closing statement on the subject says "It's (the hotel) safety from fire is by no means it's least commendable feature."

Shown here is a view of an elegant drawing room in the Tacoma Hotel. The structure had many types of rooms, each furnished & decorated with the latest in style & class. Below is a vintage business card with a beautiful rendering of a romantic hotel & waterfront scene.

Luggage labels and matchbooks were, and are still popular advertising items. Usually obtained from hotels that tourists stayed at during their travels, they have been saved as memories of people's adventures. The ones shown above are from the Tacoma Hotel.

This is a Diploma of Graduation from the famous Stadium High School which overlooks Commencement Bay. The diploma is dated June of 1910, and at that time the school was named Tacoma High School.

These are poster stamps, not valid for mailing costs, but often used for decorating envelopes as advertising. The top one is from 1910, encouraging people to Come To Tacoma. The bottom left is also from 1910 announcing the US Army Tournament, which featured exercises & demonstrations by the Military, and which occured in the Stadium Bowl as seen in the center depictions. The bottom right is a commemorative made in 1960 for fund-raising, and done to mimmick the original from 1910.

This is another High School diploma after the name of the school was changed from Tacoma H.S. to Stadium. It is dated June 15, 1922.

From the time that Tacoma High School (Stadium High) was finished in 1906, it was a center of attention for celebrations and events. This plate was made in Germany by the Jonroth Studios, and hand-painted, circa 1910.

Another plate celebrating Stadium High School is seen here, this one made by Kettlesprings Kilns of Ohio, and is circa 1970's.

The famous Tacoma Union Station underwent a major renovation. This plaque was made from a piece of the original dome roof.

Here is a section of wood cut, as the attached plaque says; from the oldest utility power pole in Tacoma.

Here is a diploma from the University of Puget Sound. This is dated June of 1910, and the man who received this diploma married the woman who received the diploma from Tacoma High School shown in the Stadium High school description.

A cut section of wood here is from the Tacoma Dome's flagpole. The original pole stood on top from the opening of the Dome in 1983 until the pole was replaced in 2003.

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