About Us
  Special thanks go to several people that have given their   
expertise and assistance in making this website, and some
of the information & photos possible:

* Richard S. Hobbs has been an invaluable source of knowledge & photos, having
researched & written an excellent book on the bridges, "Catastrophe To Triumph".

* Vicki Blackwell, the Curator of the Harbor History Museum has been very helpful with
allowing access to not only the wealth of information in the Museum's archives, but also
with original photos that helped in research.

* Earl R. White, one of the ironworkers that built the 1950 bridge has been remarkable
with his first-hand knowledge & experience, and he has provided insight into bridge
construction as well as identifying relics and some time-frames of events.

* John V. Robinson has been a great help with identifying relics and related photos,
previously being an ironworker, and now a photographer who has published several
beautiful books on bridges, including his "Bridging The Tacoma Narrows".

* Randy McCarthy of the Tacoma News Tribune has helped with research, photos, and
in particular- providing the inspiration that led to relics recovery. The TNT has published
a wonderful Narrows Bridges book titled "Masters of Suspension".

* Dave Hastings of the Washington State Archives has been a great assistance with
providing info on the bridges from the State's vast resources, including spending many
hours copying original blueprints from Moisseiff, Eldridge, Pacific Car & Foundry, and
Bethlehem Steel for my research.

* George Bourcier and Bill from Tacoma Trains & Hobbies provided expert knowledge
on the products and methods used to construct the 1940 Bridge scale model, which
has been a resounding success; having been shown in a Tacoma News Tribune article
and the Puyallup Fair. Bill also provided knowledge of the internet & helpful tools in
having this website be seen.

* My eldest daughter, Crystal with her college education in graphic technologies, has
been the source of much of the HTML programming which made this website possible.

* The Washington State Department of Transportation has been a great source of info
and some photos, as well as giving permission for some of my photographing the
activities at a close proximity. And the State's web cameras are always fun to look at-
though some might think it a bit strange; I like to watch the traffic across the bridges!

* Joe Gotchy's book "Bridging the Narrows" by the Peninsula Historical Society has
provided an understanding of assembly tasks & procedures with both the 1940 and
1950 bridges. Though he has passed away; his writings and photos continue to be of
great importance.

* The University of Washington has a large collection of photos, which have been very
helpful to place locations and identify parts that have been recovered.

* The Tacoma Public Library also has been very helpful with their large collection of
newspaper photos that originally were donated to the Library by the local newspapers,
including the TNT.

* A posthumous thank you to the 1940 bridge engineer, Clark Eldridge for his
blueprints, which have been invaluable for identifying placement & parts of relics
recovered, and showing viewers the designs of these relics.

* Many nice folks have donated some items seen in the Bridgeabilia & Tacoma History

* And, of course, the viewers of the website are to be thanked as well. Your interest and
participation is what this is all about.
   The author poses for a local          
  newspaper photo with the scale     
  model of Galloping Gertie that he   
   built from scratch. The diorama      
 took 4 months to complete, which   
  ironically is the same amount of     
    time that the real Gertie bridge      
       lasted before it collapsed.
    Workers from both the WSDOT     
   and the TNC (the contractors who  
  built the 2007 Narrows bridge) are
       recovering a large section of       
     Galloping Gertie's road deck &     
   sidewalk for a 2007 exhibit in the   
         Tacoma History Museum.
                       Tacoma Narrows Bridge Funsite
         Kenneth J. Zajac was born & raised in Tacoma, Washington. His       
     education focused on architectural engineering, though his working       
   career developed into home repairs & maintenance; and he has been     
 self-employed in this field for over 15 years. He and his wife have also    
     run a successful antique & collectible business for about the same        
    number of years. Offered for sale have been a wide variety of glass,      
  pottery, memorabilia, autographs, and antiques- both in-store at antique  
      malls and online with sites such as ebay. Customer satisfaction has      
                                       always been successful.

        Ken's hobbies & interests have involved Tacoma history, the local     
 railroads, and the waterfront activities since he was young. With a unique  
   opportunity, and the use of a high-quality metal detector he began the    
  very first search of the above the water areas below the famous Narrows  
        bridge in 2007.  Since then, he has provided input & donations to       
        museums, assisted with details of the Gertie Historic Designation        
        re-nomination, volunteered with research by a number of experts,       
  provided materials & writings for reports, published books & newspapers.
    His work has been shown in a local Fair, and been publicized in many     
                                 parts of the world thru the internet.

         The material presented here, and some of the collectibles for sale    
      are unique to the market. This provides the viewer, and collectors of    
         unusual & unique items the rare opportunity to experience & own       
                             one-of-a-kind objects. This truly is History.

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