Paul Alexander Art, Space catagory

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Value : $25 - $30     This plate is 8" with a black color field & deep red swirls. Rear side is marked General Dynamics / Pamona. The plate title is Redeye the World's Smallest Guided Missle, Alexander. The weapon was produced around 1966, and was a hand-held missile launcher issued to Army & marine Corps units. It was designed for anti-aircraft firing, with a heat sensor in each missile, but due to the weapon's delicate adjustments- soldiers using it would usually select another pre-set & preloaded launcher rather than attempting to reload an already-fired launcher. This plate was commissioned by General Dynamics from Alexander, and is very hard to find on the market. The rear side's lettering was hand painted.

Value : $50 - $75     This plate is 6 1/2" with a lime green/fading to orange field; 4 color dots within a cross hatch pattern, and a triangle projection in black & orange at the center. The rear side has an imprinted title into the copper plate; Delta-Wing at Mach 1.8 Created By Alexander For Convair, A Division of General Dynamics Corporation. This was circa 1960 as the B-58 Hustler and F-102 Delta Dagger aircraft were being designed, tested, and flown. The speed of Mach 2 was reached in 1959, and these wide swept wing design airplanes were to be the new air defense strategy against the Soviet Union's threats at the time. This plate is another commissioned production by Alexander, and highly desirable because of the bold design & use of colors, as well as the rarity on the market.

Value : $75 - $85     The plate above is courtesy of Debi Bender in Raymore, Missouri. The plate is 7 5/8" with a black field accented by galaxies at the top & bottom, and an eye-catching color band with symbolic numerals in the center. The rear side is titled in gold lettering ".. That Man and Machine May Read.." designed for Morgan Iler by Alexander for General Electric. A more detailed description of the research & information by the owner of the plate can be seen by clicking on Plate Info. The design of this plate with vibrant colors on a space-age theme & unusual subject matter, combined with the rarity makes this a very desirable item with a high market value. Thank you Debi for this excellent contribution !

Value : $10 - $15     This plate is 8" with a black field, a swirling galaxy of stars, and a red line across the field denoting a rocket ship traveling thru space. The rear side is titled The Heavens Are Not Too High, Designed By Alexander For Convair, A Division of General Dynamics Corporation. The lettering is imprinted into the copper plate. Produced in circa late 1950's, it was a tribute to the first intercontinental ballistic missile called the Atlas, and the subsequent achievements leading to manned space flights in the 1960's. Contrary to some beliefs of this Alexander plate being rare or of high value, it was produced in large quantities and is among the most common of all Alexander's plates on the market. The availability and simple design makes it the lowest market value of this catagory.

Note on Price Guide: Values shown are for items that are in Mint to Near Mint Condition. Any damage such as cracking or crazing of the enamel surface (which is usually caused by an impact), or any other damage to the item results in a lower value.

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