Paul Alexander Enamel Ware
Paul Alexander Enamel Ware
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Paul Alexander was one of many popular mid-century artists that worked with various painted designs on metal based forms. Use of this description on ebay or any other website is prohibited. Usually made with a copper base, he then applied enamel art work which was glazed. On the rear side he would apply a color over which he had his manufacturing marks; the most common being the name "Alexander" in script writing, under the glaze. Other marks included "Alexander of California" in paper and foil labels, "Alexander of Hollywood", and incised stampings of his name & commission work. Often he would include the title of the work next to his name.

His work is among the best of mid century artists including Sascha Brastoff, Alexander Calder, Charles & Ray Eames, Margaret Ratcliff, Annemarie Davidson, and Reed & Barton. Use of this description on ebay or any other website is prohibited. Alexander was based in California. His work was done in the 1950's & 1960's era when art including photography & furniture design was very popular. Along with the homes built during this time, there was a desire for modernistic furnishings; and space exploration was a foremost event in the news. The use of metal materials was quite popular, thus the great demand for quality artists and their wares.

A Feb. 24, 1967 Palm Beach News article described the following: "A new & different line comes in accessories of copper and wood, enameled by Alexander of California. Accomplished by applying a thin coat of enamel to glass, an exciting finish is achieved after firing in a kiln at high temperature. In some instances patterns take on a gem like appearance. An example is a plate centered with a bunch of grapes that have the appearance of emeralds."

Paul Alexander's most frequent choice of forms was a plate, and he would create several sizes & sometimes different shapes with the same artistic design. Other productions he did were in the form of large serving trays, ashtrays, and pans. The large serving trays were not copper based, but rather sheet metal that was usually painted with a black color base, and hand-painted designs that were left unglazed. His pans were not utilitarian, but rather for hanging decorations in the kitchen or dining room. Many of his plates were made with a factory applied hanging cloth hook, and they usually included felt or cloth pads on the rear side.

The designs were a wide variety of themes, suited for the mid-century look of that era, which is still very popular today. Subjects include many Floral & nature pictures with lots of color; Animals and popular pets; Wildlife in nature, Abstract and other designs that may include people, the different Zodiac themes, and Space exploration. Because he became a well-known & skilled artist, Paul did commission work for a number of companies, and these productions are harder to find & generally more valuable on the market due to a lower production quantity. One exception is the Convair "The Heavens Are Not Too High" plate, which was mass-produced & easily found in online venues. These plates are often mistaken as being of high market value when in reality they are the lowest value of Paul Alexander's items.

Click on the subject links at the top of the page to view the items & price guides; a realistic market value has been placed on each item. Currently not much background information is available on Paul Alexander and his company. If you would like to contribute to this information, please send us a message. And a big "Thank You" to all the nice people who have contributed photos and information on their Alexander items !
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